As summer wanes to an end, I am forced to look backwards and reflect over the past few months. Have I really used my time as wisely as I wanted to? Time and time again I’ve asked myself this question and my answer always remains no.

Am I simply cursed to have unproductive summers or am I just bad at time management? I think I am adequately skilled at completing everything on my to-do list. Sure, I’m easily distracted, but I can be serious when it really matters. So why are my summers always so bad?

This might be a bit weak of me to do but I blame my mother. She thinks just because I have “free time” that she can drag me to all her errands and appointments. I haven’t had a single summer day all to myself. Not a single one and it’s been two months so far. I just can’t believe her.

Every day, something new comes up. I just can’t handle this. It’s a miracle I haven’t resorted to cutting myself again. Then again, I’ve cured myself of that or so I think I did. Sigh. I only have a week left until school. I just hope I’m ready for it.

One good thing is that once it starts, I’ll finally have a schedule. Things will be better and aside from the pains of waking up early, I’ll be happier, I’ll be free, and I’ll have more time.

In conclusion, I’d like to wish a solemn goodbye to summer. It was nice having you again, just like it is every year. But maybe next time, things will be different and it’ll be more enjoyable… maybe I’ll actually have friends next summer. That would be a nice change.


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