Thameswood League of Advanced by Royal_Rebel

Name: Thameswood League of Advanced

Author: Royal_Rebel

Genre: Action


The Thameswood League of Advanced, also known as “T.L.A” is an American/British organisation that contains different type of specially trained killers.

Alicia Joana Diamond, better known as “Aj” is a young teenage rebel that comes from a wealthy family, finds herself and her two best friends in a complicated situation that could threaten their lives after a prank gone wrong. Amazing cover made by @BleakSolitude



First of all, I love the concept. I’ve always had a thing for organizations. I don’t know about you, but I always found them interesting. Will there be corruption? Are they for good or evil? Do they have any rivals? The possibilities are endless and so when I started reading this book, it made me very happy to see such a strong organization featured. In fact, it’s so strong that the whole story is named after them.

But that’s beside the point, there are many things that make this worthy of your read. The characters are absolutely memorable and lovable. I’m already shipping two of them. I’ll give you a virtual cookie if you can guess which two. (It’s obvious.) The relationships between each character seem believable as well. The best friends actually argue and tease each other unlike in other books, where best friends are only shown as super supportive or “there when it’s only convenient”. Nope. These are real best friends.

The pacing is good, too. No major spelling or grammar issues as far as I can see. Also, chapters seem to come out regularly so if you’re hooked like I am, you won’t have to wait too long before you see another chapter. The author seems like they’re well-prepared and it looks like they also have a lot in store for the readers. I’ll end this review right here so I can let you guys go read that book. Enjoy and until next time, goodbye!


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