Masinvu of the North by ZaineKellman

Name: Masinvu of the North

Author: Zaine Kellman

Genre: Short Story, Fantasy


‘Masinvu’, a distinguished title is known to only one living human, Kalin, a bright young child who becomes the North’s exclusive reader of Zadean (Gods) prophecy. Drawing to her all those desperate for hope and deep insight into their predestined lives, Kalin enjoys the splendor of her innate prowess until she discovers an intimately horrifying scene conjured from the Gods that will determine her future’s end.



This was pretty cool. The language was beautiful, but I had to keep checking the blurb to remember what each of the words meant. I’d recommend adding that key to the story itself, maybe at the top or the bottom of the part itself. It would make it easier to look at them for reference. Hm… at first, I was beginning to think the main character was a mary sue but I was glad to see that she did have some flaws, including one major flaw that brought about her undoing. The ending of the story fit it well, but I would have liked to see a bit more meat to the story. I guess I’m used to reading longer stories, then. Enjoy reading and stay cool.


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