Princess of Roses by Aiyoku-Chan

Name: Princess of Roses

Authors: Aiyoku Nakasu & Flower16Power

Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance


Daniela Payne is in desperate need of money – her mother is dying of an illness that left her crippled and unable to work. Two men appear from the capital and are in search of the one girl to ascend the throne and become the Royal Princess of the empire. She is the one given the chance and knows that this is the only way to find a cure for her mother’s illness and to improve her family’s living conditions.

But will Daniela have the strength to survive in the new and unfamiliar world, or will she be overcome by power and glory and lose the understanding of what a family really is?



The first chapter is engaging. I like how we start off by seeing the main character interact with her best friend. It’s a more interesting way of revealing information than simply stating it and these kinds of things will snag the reader’s attention. Reading on, there are a few instances where the authors mix up the past and the present tense. It doesn’t happen enough to detach me fully from the story, but it’s still kind of obvious. I’d suggest using grammarly or hemingwayapp to help with these minor issues.

Second chapter. Good descriptions, but hold up, “orbs”, one of the worst offenders out there. Please don’t use that word to describe eyeballs. I know you want to be poetic and all but that is not the right word. It’s so cliched, too. I think there’s an exception for poetry, but this is not a poem. Just avoid the word, okay? Hm… continuing on then, the rest of the chapter looks good. There’s more characterization and you leave the reader hanging on a cliffhanger at the end. Nice job. As for if you should read it, I’d wait until they take the book off of hold before you start since there are only two chapters up so far. Bye for now!


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