The Dome by perfectpoppy

Name: The Dome

Author: perfectpoppy

Genre: Science Fiction


In the near future, the United States of America becomes immensely overcrowded with criminals forcing the government to come up with a new initiative to manage the over population.

That initiative is The Dome.

A huge transparent, unbreakable Dome placed around a once thriving city. Every convict was given a life sentence. No matter the crime. No matter the gender. No matter the race. Only children got their freedom.

Poppy Smith is one of these criminals, but not a conventional one. She kills the man who attacked her and is convicted even with the mountains of evidence to support herself.

Poppy has to learn to survive in a world with no rules and many corrupt minds. But once she sprouts the idea to escape The Dome, not even Poppy could comprehend everything that would happen next.

And everything she would have to do to escape and survive but survival always comes at a cost.

And that cost would be the wellbeing of millions of people.



Don’t mind me. I’m going to try out a new style of reviewing for this book. Hopefully, it’ll be more clear than the other ones.



+ Great descriptions that help immerse the reader into the story.

+ It ends with a good cliffhanger.


+ Sounds a bit repetitive in some areas. (Think: too many sentences starting with “I” in close proximity.)

+ The way she killed the guy near the end seemed so sudden. Even if she is skilled, I’d expect a longer fight at least.

Chapter One


+ Again, the descriptions are good. Like the part about the sunset. That was neat.


+ Mixing up present and past tense a bit. (“I decide”)

+ “bare” used instead of bear.

+ I’m confused. How can criminals use other criminals? I guess I’ll have to wait and see, then.

+ The main character seems like a bit of a mary sue…

I’m going to cut this off here because I’ve lost interest. Anyways, what did you guys think of this new review style? Please comment below and tell me which style you like more. Thank you for reading and stay cool.


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