Easy Level Grinding in Bravely Default

Since this is my blog and all, I’ll be posting random things that interest me. I don’t know about you but I’m really into videogames and gaming, especially if the game has a meaningful story behind it and lovable characters. For these two reasons alone, I simply adore Bravely Default. It’s been one of my addictions for the past few months now, ever since I got into that game.

But sometimes, it feels like the game is moving too slowly. For example, you’re about to move onto the next part of the adventure but you’re out of pg, and not only that, but you’re also underleveled, too. Well, look no further. Master Lumi is here with a guide on how to easily grind for pg, experience, and job points all without lifting a single finger.

Here’s what you’ll need:

+ One salve-maker of any level. It could be their secondary job, even, as long as there is someone on your team with that set of skills. I’d also recommend equipping them with the “luminous robe” if you can as well as the “attack item amp”. It’ll only make your job easier.

+ A lot of glitterbugs. The enemies you will be facing today have a weakness towards light. Do you see now why I suggest adding the luminous robe and attack item amp? If you do both, your damage per use will go from 1500 to about 5000.

+ Access to Starkfort. If you don’t know where that is, you’re not ready for the grinding anyways.


1. Go to tactics > config >  difficulty > encounter rate. Set it to -100%.

2. Use the middle staircase and climb your way to the fifth floor. If the middle staircase is blocked off still, you are not ready to learn the method yet. Just keep playing the game until you gain access.

3. Go to the save point and save.

4. Go to tactics > config > difficult > encounter rate. Set it to 100%.

5. You’re in your first battle, now. Aside from the salve-maker, I’d set everyone else to “default”, unless you happen to have a templar on you. If you do, make them use “rampart” to shield the others from any possible attacks. Now, then, onto your salve-maker. Use brave four times, and each time, use compound to mix the glitterbugs together.

6. Once you’ve won that battle, you now have the option of turning on “automatic”. (Press “y” while in battle to toggle it on/off.) The game will keep repeating your last move and trust me, every possibly battle scenario will end in victory. You’ll also get a one-turn bonus as well as unscathed most of the time.

Reminder: Don’t forget to stock up on glitterbugs before you run out. You’ll be situated near the save point still so use it to your advantage. Also, don’t let your HP run out too low, either. I usually healed everyone completely about once every five to ten battles. It all depends on the speed of your characters, and if they can get their attacks in before the enemy does. I hope this helps and happy grinding to you all!~


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