Due to some recent events, I feel it to be necessary for me to write on this topic.

Ah, fame. Hasn’t that always been one of the three goals people wish for? Fame, fortune, and love, was it? I’m iffy on the last one but I think that’s how it generally goes.

Unlike the majority, I don’t want love. (I’m asexual and aromantic. *cough* For now. *cough*) I don’t want fortune. I’m fine with having enough to live. Anything more and I’ll have no idea what to do. And most importantly, I don’t want fame.

When I first started writing on Wattpad, I enjoyed the little attention I was getting. It was fun, exciting, and brand new. But now that I’ve been here a while, I don’t want any more than I have now. I’m good with my stats and all. I couldn’t ask for better luck than I had received by writing there.

But now, it’s reaching a point where it’s getting too much. I have fangirls now. I really don’t know how to react to them. They’re just really enthusiastic about my book and think I’m generally amazing. (Yes, this creeps me out.)

I feel awkward when I’m praised or complimented. I’m just not used to nice words. Maybe it’s because my parents always cuss me out? Who knows, really? I try my best to dodge compliments but they keep coming. Then I try my back-up plan.

I’ll show them my flaws and my mistakes. I show them my human side in order to inspire them to be better. Sometimes, it works. Other times, it blows up in my face. I mean, I am opening my decayed heart for you and you have the audacity to break it yet again.

In conclusion, I don’t want to be famous. I’m happy enough if at least one person enjoys my work. Just one. I’m not picky. Not at all. I’m so glad that you, the reader, decided to read this blog, too. You guys are amazing. (Just don’t get my blog famous, okay? I’m trying to be low-key here.)

Good luck out there and stay safe!~

(I think I’ve found my new signature closing line. Bye now.)


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