Written on June 22, 2015

Self-Confidence (noun): “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment”

Ha, self-confidence. The whole idea of this is so… ironic. When someone seems to have low confidence in themselves, everyone around them tries their best to compliment that person to make them feel better but when someone has high confidence in themselves, we go out and call them overconfident or arrogant.

Why does it seem like we’re so happy when other people are hating on themselves? It’s as if we don’t want other people to be happier or dare I say this, better than ourselves. We’ll sympathize if our fellow friend is having a bad day but if they are deemed as feeling “too happy”, we will not hesitate in shooting them down a notch, to help them back into their places.

As a result, I am not surprised to see that a lot of people have low self-esteem issues. Even with their own friends, who trust and support them, they still just feel out of place. How messed up of a society have we become to the point where we can’t even relate to each other on a casual basis anymore? It’s either a) feel as crappy as I do or b) shut the fuck up. There’s no in-between.

That’s the thing with low self-esteem. It grows and it’s transferable. I know. I know. You can have the most supportive friends ever but if they have problems with you being happy, then they’re really not your friends anymore. I don’t really know about you but for me, friendships are not what I imagined them to be. All my ‘friends’ and I ever do is hang out at lunch and sit together. That’s it. I only sit with them so I can avoid the awkwardness of sitting alone at lunch. All those stares.

You could also blame this problem of low self-esteem on the growing usage of social media. For example, I have heard tales of people who will feel awful about themselves for weeks, months even, if their picture does not reach a certain amount of likes/reblogs/whatever on the site they upload it to. They attach their feeling of self-worth to just a little image that they posted online.

First of all, what the fuck? Second of all, if you just love yourself, and let the haters go, you will be feeling a lot better about yourself. Then again, if you’re saddled down with bad friends, that might not be the best choice now or else, you’ll end up like me! Friendless with only online acquaintances to chat with.

Anyways, I’m starting to lose focus on what I was saying. My train of thought kind of crashed so… time to wrap this up! If you’re one of those asshole friends who will immediately call your bestie an arrogant bitch for feeling good about themselves, I want you to sit down and really think hard about what you have done. You not only ruined their moment of happiness, but you also planted some gnarly seeds that could turn into serious shit in the future. Who knows? You might even have scarred them for life! Just think about what you say next time, okay?


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