Playing Charades by ritishak

Name: Playing Charades

Author: ritisha k

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


“Playing Charades; The Game Of Revenge”

One betrayal was all it took to scar her emotionally and mentally.

One betrayal was all it took to take away her father from her.

One betrayal was all it took for her wanting her place in this game of revenge.

Betrayed and hurt by her very own family, Katherine is determined to make them pay, but what happens when she’s saved by Wall Street’s Most Eligible Bachelor? With the game of revenge going on she can’t afford any distractions. All she wants and all she needs is to make it out the winner. This is Playing Charades.



First of all, I like how there are quotes are the beginning of each part. It’s a nice touch. The prologue is a bit confusing, but it still gets the job done. It captures the reader’s attention and makes them want to read on to find out what’s going on. It sounded a bit choppy, but I think that was intentional in order to set a certain tone for the part.

Moving on. The paragraphs in chapter one are short. Really short. I know it’s good while you’re reading, but I kind of want some more meat to the story. Maybe throw in more description? Then again, it is a dialogue-heavy chapter so it should be understandable to leave it as it is.

“Katherine told him she was Katherine Russo” I don’t know about you guys, but something about the way that’s phrased bothers me. I wonder what it is. Oh, yeah, it’s redundant. The reader is already aware of who she is. She’s the main character, of course! Instead, it would be more appropriate to phrase it as “Katherine told him who she was”. See? Isn’t that much better?

Also, if you’re focusing on Katherine. Why does it suddenly jump to Mason’s thoughts? That feels a bit out of place in my opinion. I liked the twist near the end about plastic surgery, though. It piqued my interest momentarily. It also opens up the question on whose face she got. However, I think I’ll stop after just the first chapter. Thank you for reading and have a good day/night!


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