The Dark Passenger by -Fraz-

Name: The Dark Passenger

Author: Fraz

Genre: Mystery/Thriller


Who doesn’t take life for granted?

Light would have no meaning to its existence were it not for the darkness. Engulfed in the light of a routine life, one seldom acknowledges the existence of the darkness creeping in the corners. Not until it’s too late.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to simple things like…

Are you afraid of the dark?


Are you going to be the hunter or the hunted?


Review: The author doesn’t give you a moment to rest before thrusting you into the dark atmosphere of the book, which I happen to really enjoy. The first part paints the main character as eccentric and witty, and it happens to keep my attention from start to finish. However, for some readers, the vocabulary of the story itself may be a bit too higher-level, but I think it just adds to the charm of the book itself. Strong finishing line to the chapter. It really gives that extra “oomph” to the chapter. So, yeah, the first part did a great job. It introduced the MC, hinted at conflict, and caught the reader’s attention. What more could you possibly want from a story?

Moving on, then. The second part is nice. It really makes me feel like I’m in the shoes of the main character, planning out our victim’s schedule and following her around. It’s a bit confusing about how we fit into her routine, but it’s not confusing enough to the point where it’s annoying. It’s kind of mysterious in a way, and it further reels in the reader’s interest. A foreshadowing line at the end. That’s always a nice touch.

Third chapter. Chilling and creepy. It adds more depth to the main character, and shows us how dark and demented they really are. I’m curious about what the ritual will hold. I guess I’ll find out soon, though. The ending line for this part is absolutely perfect. I can’t think of anything better.

Well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I think that you will, too. I could go on and on, voicing my opinion on every single part uploaded, but I’ll end this review here to let you guys go see it for yourself. Plus, I don’t want to give away too many spoilers either. Thanks for reading this review, and have a great day/night. Until next time, good luck!~


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