Thoughts pt. 1


I can’t seem to stop crying right now. It would be so easy to go online and find someone to-

No. You can’t do that. That’s weak, and you’re not weak.

I don’t think I can do this alone, though.

But you have to. Just take a deep breath. There are only six months left until graduation.

I know, but-

But what?


Why are we posting this again?

I needed to get the thoughts out. If not to a person, then at least here… where no one judges me or paints me as the bad person.

It’ll be okay.

I hope so. I wish I never came on this vacation.

Good luck.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts pt. 1

  1. Things might seem hard now, but someday soon things will get better! Stay strong, and hang in there. By the time you graduate, I’m certain things will start looking up!

    Haha, sorry for being nosy, by the way. I know this is a personal thing, and you need your space right now, but I couldn’t help but check up on you.

    Good luck out there!


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