Thoughts pt. 2


I’ve left behind so many people, but is this what I really want?

This is for the best. You’ve always wanted to disappear, and now you have.

I suppose so. I just wish things were different… I deleted so many accounts. I abandoned the Royal Kingdom group-

You wanted to leave them.

But why?

You tell me.

… I don’t remember anymore. I guess it’s for the best that I left them. I cause problems everywhere.


Deleting my chatango was kind of satisfying.


… I don’t know. I just felt better.

Do you enjoy abandoning people?

In a way, yes. I like the initial rush of meeting someone but after a while, I- I just want to move on. Is there something wrong with me?

I don’t know.


Try to enjoy this freedom while you can. It won’t last long.

I know. I just feel lonely sometimes.

It’ll pass. Just distract yourself with something.

I guess my stories could use more attention, and this blog, too.

Good luck.

Thank you. For everything.


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