Written on May 02, 2015

Manipulation (noun): “the skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone”

Manipulation is a very tricky thing. Explicitly, it’s seen as a bad thing, an evil, you might call it, but implicitly, we all do it. When we’re with our friends and there’s something we want to do with them, we lure them into a sense of false happiness in order to convince them to go with what we want.

Or another example that I’m sure we’ll all done at one point or another. Let’s say there’s this new thing you want your parents to buy. You start sweet-talking them into buying it for you, claiming how it’ll change your life or how you’ll do a favor in return for it. You may not realize it at the time but that’s a prime example of manipulation at play.

Let’s face it, humans are manipulative little shits. Yes, I know. I’m human too but I don’t really mind. I know I’m manipulative already and I’ve accepted it. Whenever I get really into an anime and I have friends who haven’t seen it yet, I will, kid you not, try my best to convince them to watch it. And I will remind them every once in a while to make sure they’re actually doing it. I need to stop that but it’s so hard to suppress what you’re good at.

And yes, I am talented at manipulation. Sue me. So… yeah. I think this is the end of the rant so I’ll just wrap things up. Manipulation is common. We’re all manipulative. Filter what you say next time you’re all deciding what to do/where to go unless you’re like me and don’t care, then be as manipulative as you want to be!



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