Written on May 13, 2015

Lying (noun): “used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression”

Deception (noun): “the action of deceiving someone”

I know you’ve all been told at one point or another that lying is bad but let’s face the truth, we all lie. Whether we’re telling white lies to make someone feel better or bigger lies to escape the truth, we’re just always lying. Don’t believe me? Show me one person who has never lied before, in their ENTIRE lives. Found no one? Good.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s start looking at another kind of liar. They’re not your normal, everyday person. They’re far more complex and very difficult to understand. They seemingly have no reasons for what they do but it actually goes a lot deeper than what you see at face value. I know because I’m one of them. A pathological liar.

Pathological Liar (noun): “a person who tells lies frequently, with no rational motive for doing so”

I’ll admit. I lie a lot. Not just to everyone I talk to, but also myself as well. Lying just gives me a sense of control of the situation. I lie by covering up my feelings. I lie by withholding, what I deem as, “useless” information. I just lie too much. Is there something wrong with that? You may be thinking there is but I don’t really see the issue with it. As long as I’m not causing harm to anyone else, it’s okay to bend reality a bit ever now and then or all the time, right?

And this is where I need to cut this topic off before I start getting into mind-control. However, if you’d like to hear more about that, please comment below requesting it. I actually do use lies to control my own mind. Yeah… it’s not a good habit but it does help whenever I want to tweak something in there, delete some bad memories, or just general reorganization of my thought processes.



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