Written on May 13, 2016

Pain (noun): “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury” or “mental or emotional suffering or torment”

When I first saw this request, I was thinking to myself, “Oh, pain? I can easily write that.” But then I thought more on it and I remembered that it’s not just physical pain. Pain can also be emotional as well.

I’m sure you’ve all dealt with both kinds before, hopefully, you’ve recovered from it. If not, I really hope you don’t have to suffer through it much longer. I don’t really experience physical pain as I’m not the athletic type but oftentimes, my emotional pain can cause physical pain. When I’m stressing out or angry, I get a headache or when I’m nervous and freaking out, my stomach will hurt, especially if I had just eaten too.

Trigger warning. Do not continue reading if you are easily triggered by stuff because this topic is about to take a really dark and serious turn right now.

I don’t mind the pain though. Sometimes, it’s kind of refreshing. When I used to feel depressed, (ha, used to, as if), I would often grab a knife just to cut myself with and feel the pain. But something surprising happened. Whenever I was doing that, I felt nothing. It was as if I was cutting through rubber or dead animal flesh. No sensation. No pain. Nothing. And the blood that would rarely come out grabbed my attention more than anything. For a time, I grew addicted to this. The only pain that came was the aftermath.

The emotional regret and the physical scar. Now that I think more about it, I think it’s not possible to just have physical pain. I believe that physical and emotional pain go hand in hand. One can cause the other and they are both very much related to each other. Your emotions can cause you to feel physical symptoms as well as your injuries themselves can cause your emotions to fluctuate. Then again, pain is all about perception, correct?

It may seem like I’m just about done. Normally, I would have stopped with that last paragraph but I want to touch up on something else a bit briefly. The whole concept of masochists and sadists.

Masochist (noun): “a person who is gratified by pain, degradation, etc., that is self-imposed or imposed by others”

Sadist (noun): “a person who enjoys inflicting pain on others”

Pain is a very different concept for these two groups of people. They enjoy it, very much so. Now, you may be thinking, “Ew. What is wrong with those sickos?” But please, hold your thoughts and hear me out. There is nothing wrong with these people. It’s a part of who they are and you have no right to judge them for that. You’re probably just making them feel worse by furthering the stereotype that all masochists/sadists are sickos who need to burn in hell.

That just isn’t okay. I actually know some people who consider themselves one and I treat them no differently if they were not one. They can even be some of the sweetest people ever. They just have some different tastes and hobbies from you. Don’t look at them any differently because of it. Rather, you should allow them to embrace it. They have finally discovered who they are and they should be proud of it.

After all, life should be about recognizing what makes everyone special, accepting it, and celebrating it. It’s complete bullshit to go around bashing people for who they are. It just starts a whole can of nasty conflict that would be a complete waste of time. So yeah, live life the way you feel comfortable, painful or painlessly, it makes no difference so long as you’re tolerant and accepting of others.



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