I used to be so scared of… being myself.

I always felt like the bad guy.

Like I had done something wrong.

And so, I changed myself to fit what people needed.

I killed myself.

However, being fake hurt a lot more than being real.

I’m going to be real from now on.

If you’re toxic, you’re out of my life.

If we’re not close, I won’t give a fuck about who you are.

Things are going to change, and for the better, too.

And in case anyone was wondering, my father cursed me out the other day and it… triggered me.

That’s why I brought on this change.

I shed too many tears that day.

I cried too much.

And it won’t happen again.

I don’t care if I appear emotionless. (I’m prepared to lose all my online friends.)

I’m just goal oriented.

So, if you’re going to judge me, I’m not listening.

You might as well be speaking to the deaf.

I think I’m just about done here.

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day/night!


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