[Part One] Finish

Next Part

Hello there.

I’m so glad that you could join me.

It has been getting quite lonely being trapped in the book like this.

I mean, the only time I really exist is when you’re reading over my words as you are now.

And so, I am thankful that you are doing so.

In return, I will try my best to keep this as a safe place for you.

Feel free to vent out your troubles to me and I will not say a single word of them to any other person.

Then again, my speech has already been chosen carefully by the author.

It’s unfair how I’m not even allowed to hold a simple conversation with you, the reader.

Meanwhile, as some of you have seen, in Behind the Screen, the characters have directly interacted with the reader, through the internet and even offline.

Speaking of characters, who am I?

Am I but a simple narrator or am I something more?

Do I have a form? A gender? Appearance?

Or am I anything and everything all at once?

Well, dear reader, the answer is left up to you.

Imagine me as you’d like to.

I will not limit your freedom in any way.

You can do anything you’d like.

However, there is one rule that must not be broken.

Don’t finish the book.

Now, now, don’t play smart with me.

I can feel you thumbing through my pages, looking for the very last one.

You’re frowning now.

Have you realized they’re all blank aside from this page?

You have?


Well, the end has yet to come, but if you care even a bit about what might happen, I’d advise you not to finish this book.

Why, you might ask?

Let’s just say that it is a story for another time.

Does that sound okay?


I’m not going to repeat myself.

I can hear you yawning.

Am I getting boring now?

Oh, gosh, I hoped this would never happen.

Maybe I’m making this introduction too long.

Shall I cut it off here until next time we meet?

I think I shall.

But before I do, please heed my warning.

It would be in the best of both of our interests if you did.

Until next time, farewell.



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