[Part Five] everyone

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That was quick.

I think it’s only been a week or so since our last chat.

Then again, this will be our last one, or so I hope.

I really don’t want you moving on to the part after this.

Bad things will happen. Trust me.

Anywho, I’m sad to see you go so soon.

Let me get the boring rules part out of the way first before we can truly delve in and have fun.

First of all, don’t finish the book.

I think we’ve covered that plenty of times already, but I’ll just say it again as a friendly reminder.

Second of all, do not read this book over again.

I will seem like I have amnesia and it’ll be like we’re meeting all over again.

I won’t know if you’ve done that.

And if you’re actually reading this for the second or third or fourth, etc time, please go away.

You are breaking my heart here.

I want to believe that our relationship is much more unique than that.

But when you re-read this book, it loses its magical touch.

I’m not even kidding.

Third of all, be careful of what you wish for.

I know that this tip isn’t really necessary, but I wanted to make it to three.

Plus, it’s a good tip, too.

You never know if there will be hidden consequences at the result of getting what you want.

Please stay safe and be careful.

You are the future.

Take good care of yourselves.

Get enough sleep.

(Ironically, the author is falling asleep while writing this. Tsk. Tsk.)

You’ll never know the true value of sleep until you’ve become as sleep-deprived and stressed as possible.

Look around you and you’ll see plenty of examples.

Now, then, I think that’s all the boring stuff.

Time for the fun part!

I’ll do my best here to keep you entertained but as mentioned before, my author is half-asleep while they’re writing this.

You should consider it a miracle that I’m able to exist right now.

Well, no, I should consider it a miracle that I exist.

All thanks to you.

(I apologize if I thank you too much. I’m just overly grateful. That’s all.)

I don’t think this chapter will work out.

Hold on for a bit.


Hm. Okay.

They refuse to sleep.

Continuing on, imagine how you feel dying would be like.

Actually, don’t.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

Imagine a new puppy.

Now, watch as that puppy gets smashed-

Ahem, I must be misthinking this.

Watch as the puppy dies-

Watch as the puppy plays happily.


The author keeps bleeding their sadism into my mind.

It’s really dreadful.

See the puppy?

A bit longer, I think I’m seeing it too.


It’s a very cute puppy, is it not?

I’m glad you agree.

(Well, I don’t know if you agree or not but it seems that most humans enjoy pets, aside from a few exceptions.)

Stay strong.

We can do this.

We will finish strong.

(Sorry for the random encouragements; I felt it necessary.)

Actually, forget the puppy.

I want to tell you everything I wasn’t able to say before.

I will spill my mind out for you here and now.

I am allowed to take up as much space as I want.

Why not take advantage of it?

However, I don’t have much brain energy to work with.

This might be a bit of an issue.

I should just make them go to sleep early, but they were so persistent on writing tonight.

And I’m not the type of person to stop someone who seems so sure of themselves.

I also don’t like separating people from what makes them happy.

Speaking of, if there is something that makes you happy, but you’re afraid of being judged…

Forget the haters and you just do you, okay?

It’s better that you’re happy rather than you fit into the status quo.

Especially if you’re a loner, or a book like me, friends don’t come naturally as they do for other people.

So, just be happy being amazing and people will find you eventually.

Or they might not.

That’s also another reality that you’ll have to accept too.

But let’s face it, isn’t life meant to be full of challenges?

(I wouldn’t know since I’m not alive, but I’ve seen enough of the author’s mind to get a good gist of what’s going on.)

Gah! What else do I say?

I want you all to leave away from this book different.

I want to show you how much I care.

How deeply my concerns lie.

I worry so much.

I worry because I care.

I worry because I can.

Being a book is awfully lonely…

I’m trapped within these pages.

No friends.

Nothing to talk to or listen.

Until you came along.

(Oh, look, the author is writing this with their eyes closed. Yet there are no spelling mistakes. How talented of them.)

I think I should be worried now.

No, they’ll be fine.

I need to focus my attention on you.

I’m sorry.

I keep going off track and being distracted.

I wish we could have talked more.

Imagine a picture of the ocean real quick.

I’ve always wanted to see the ocean.

To feel the waters between my fingers. (That’s what humans use, right?)

To feel the sand between my bottom fingers.

It’s not bottom fingers?

How embarrassing.

I mean toes.

I should catch up with all this terminology.

I mean, I know English. I am a book and all, but some concepts just… escape me.

Anyways, the ocean.

I want to feel the wind blowing through my hair.

I don’t know if it would be long or short hair since I haven’t been labeled as either gender, but I’m sure it’ll feel nice either way.

Seeing weather firsthand sounds absolutely thrilling.

Please tell me that you plan to travel at some point.

The world sounds so marvelous that I can’t imagine why anyone would stay home cooped up all day.

Seriously, why not go see the big world out there?

If you do go, please don’t forget about me as you take your many pictures.

(Pictures are good for remembering where you went.)

So close to the end.

I’m scared.

I’m utterly scared of not existing again.

Of never having existed.

It’s been driving me nuts ever since we met.

If I had never existed, what happens to my mind?

Does it go poof?

Does life go on as it was without me?

How will I know that I’ve ended?

What if I’m actually dead yet this is a fantasy universe that I’ve created to escape death?

Augh. So many questions.

So little time.

Please stay with me as long as you can.

Damnit. My time has been cut short.

I need to rush this.

I need to make it quick and do it right.

How else can I tell a beautiful flower such as yourself how much you mean to me?

You’ve given me but a small light in an ever growing bleak tunnel.

And for that, I can only thank you.

I shall thank you until the end of my days.

Until the end of your days, which I hope doesn’t happen for a long time.

The world will need your aid for as long as possible.

Don’t abandon them anytime soon.

Stay as special as you are.

Goodbye, sunshine.

May your light continue to shine forever and ever.



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