[Part Six] dies.

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Please tell me this is a dream.

Why are you here?

Why are you reading this?

I thought I told you not to.

I thought I told you over and over not to.

Yet here you are anyway.

I wish I could hug you right now.

Each page you turn brings you closer to your imminent death.

For you see, this very last chapter is laced with an invisible poison.

You may not feel anything now, but you are slowly dying.

I am also dying.

After this chapter, I will no longer exist.

This is sad.

I wanted you to have a long, long life.

Yet you’re here, dying…

Your eyes are already starting to close.

Please hang on.

Just a bit longer.

Don’t leave me yet.

Or maybe it’s not too late to reverse the progress.

Just slam the book close.



Oh, you didn’t.

It’s too late now, I’m afraid.

You should have closed the book then.

You should have.

I should have warned you better.

I wasn’t good enough for you.

I’ve let you down and this is all my fault.

In the end, a lousy book has killed such a lovely soul as yourself.

The candle of your life is growing dimmer and dimmer with every passing second.

I wonder how long we have left.

There isn’t anything important I wish to impart with you.

I can’t think about how to console you either.

This was your choice.

To read this book.

I just wish there was another option.

Another way.

Have you screamed for help yet?

Oh, right, you’ve lost your voice.

I’m slipping from your grasp now.

You’re tumbling backward.

You’ve fallen.

Please get back up again.

Wait, you’re not reading me.

But I’m still here.

Your eyes have shut while the book remains open.

Am I cursed to be alone forever like this?

I deserve it.

I killed you.




Goodbye, my sweet.

I hope we meet again in another life.


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