Written on August 1, 2015

Travel (verb): “make a journey, typically of some length or abroad”

I like traveling and seeing new places. It awakens my love for photography, as well. I just want to see as many diverse environments as I can. Being stuck in the same old routine can be quite boring, at times. I like to spice things up with an adventure… and I can’t think of anything else to say. Wait, I can talk about the places I’ve been to!

I’ve traveled a lot. I’ve been up and down the West Coast, all the way to Vancouver. I’ve been to New York down to Virginia, I think. Well, I’ve seen a lot of the East Coast. Hawaii, too! I’ve been to an airport in Rome, Italy. I’ve seen Lebanon and Pakistan. Oh, and Las Vegas. The UAE.  A few other states I can’t remember right now… so yeah, I’ve traveled a lot. Traveling is fun, except long car rides are horrendous…

Speaking of, I might go on vacation next week. Might not. We’ll see. I’ll send out a message on my MB if I do. Anyways, bye for now! (Why did I think writing this at 2am would be a good idea?)



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