Written on August 6, 2015

Family (noun): “a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household”

I hate my family.

I hate them.

I hate them so much. I probably sound like a bitch for saying this, but it’s true. They’ve never really cared for my well-being or my dreams. For example, today, I was left alone at home with the sole purpose of cleaning the house. You might think it’s not too bad, right? Well, every other day, I’m either at home doing chores or outside the house being forced into errands.

I hate leaving the house so fucking much. I want to be left alone. But nooo, ignore what I want and simply use me. That’s what they always do. Then when I’m done with all the chores, finally, I get a call telling me to wash the dishes. I refused to do it and luckily, my mother didn’t push it. Soon, she came home from another long day of shopping. I swear she does it so much. It’s because of her shoving it down my throat that shopping has become torture to me.

I have not had a single summer day to myself yet and already a month and a half has passed. I’m always doing something for them. Always. Never for myself. Always them. Always cleaning or babysitting or being stuck at places I despise. This is true oppression. The only time I’m truly free is when I’m staying up and it’s late at night. That’s why I hate sleeping early… I need my freedom. I just need it.

I think I’ll just combine this chapter with ‘oppression’ then since they’ll be similar anyways.

Oppression (noun): “prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control”

So, yeah, all that above. Also, my parents seem to think carelessly throwing insults my way will prepare me for the “real world”. As well as hitting me over simple mistakes. Yyyup… I hate them… you get the picture so I’ll just end the chapter right here.



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