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If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to get famous on Wattpad, right? Well, it’s a long process but now that you’re here, I can explain how to get started. To make things a bit easier for you and me, I’ll break this down into a step-by-step process. If you guys have any questions, feel free to send me a message on Wattpad. You can find my profile by clicking here. Now, then, on with the guide!

1) Update regularly.

If you have only a few parts to your story so far, don’t expect to get famous quickly. Readers are more likely to read books that are either completed or have a lot of parts and update regularly. After all, you don’t want to grow to love a story only for the author to suddenly abandon it. Readers want security in what they read, and they want to be sure that you are as dedicated to your book as they are.

2) Have a nice cover and summary.

So, as many of you know, your cover and your summary is the first impression your readers get. Now, what many of you may not know is that a “pretty” cover is not enough. Your cover needs to accurately represent your story, and somehow relate to your plot. The same goes for your summary, too. You can’t just put a pretty poem for your summary that has nothing to do with your story, and expect it to gain readers. It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re not good with making covers but you want to get better, I suggest checking out Pixlr. It’s free, beautiful, and easy to use. Just experiment around with it, and you’ll get the hang of it through lots and lots of practice. They also have an app on the apple store if you prefer using your phone for making covers. If go on the desktop version, though, make sure you use pixlr express. You can use the other one, but it’s meant for more experienced designers. Or you can always go to the MDC, and ask someone there to make you a cover. Make sure you’re descriptive with what you want, so you can get the best cover possible.

For more help with summaries, check out the Improve Your Writing Club, which I have linked right here. I might also write a separate guide on just summaries so keep your eye out for it.

3) Read, vote, and comment on other books.

Most authors appreciate the gesture and they might even return the favor by reading, voting, and commenting on your book. It’s a win-win for everyone, so why aren’t you doing this already?

4) Join a book club.

You’ll be gaining feedback from people who actually write. Again, why would you not do this? There’s also the possibility that your partner for the week might continue to read your book after the assigned chapters, and just like that, you’ve gained another loyal reader. Just be sure that you’re updating regularly to keep their interest.

5) Work on your image.

Many people don’t realize this, but your “about” section on your profile page is the first impression that potential readers get about what kind of writer you are. If there are any spelling errors or text talk, it makes them worry if your books have those kind of things, too. So, make sure that you leave a good impression by writing a decent bio that properly conveys who you are and what you write. If you’re unsure about what to write about, here are a few good starting questions:

“What inspired you to start writing?”

“What genre do you write and why?”

“How long have you been writing?”

6) Interact in the clubs.

By chatting in the cafe, you’re putting yourself out there. Depending on the things you post, people might check out your profile. You can always count on the stalkers to give your profile a peek, and a lot of stalkers lurk in the cafe. Trust me. I’m one of them. And if you did step five, they’ll read your awesome new bio, and maybe even check out some of your books. You can also stalk some of the people in the cafe, complete step three, and hope for the best.

7) Stalk people.

This is just adding on to step three and six, but if anyone mentions in their bio that they take reading requests, feel free to ask them to read your book. Don’t just drop a link, though. Introduce yourself, and mention that you read in their bio that they take reading requests. Then ask them what genres they like to read. If your book has any triggering content, make sure you mention that ahead of time, too. Once you’re sure they’ll be okay with your book, give them the link and thank them for their time.

8) Post in the SYS thread of your respective genre club.

Last but not least, post in the SYS thread of your respective genre club. Try to make your story ad eye-catching, and intriguing. If you need help with this, head on over to the MDC for help with HTML coding.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it helped, and good luck on your writing journey!


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