Speed Limit by SAMKingAuthor

Name: Speed Limit

Author: S.A.M King

Genre: Short Story


Margaret discovers the big city has no limits when a taxi takes her on a ride.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/53432493-speed-limit

Review: There is only part in this story, so I’ll just review it holistically instead of part by part like I usually do. First off, we are introduced to Margaret, who is instantly revealed to be wary of the homeless men around the area. This tells us that she lives in a big city, and it hints at a possible traumatic experience in her past. Okay. One thing that I’m noticing a lot now is that “Margaret” is repeated a few times too many. Instead of saying her name, it would be advisable to use “she” in order to avoid this repetition and provide better flow to the piece itself.

Some sentences are really long. For example: “Rejected ogler jeers, Margaret keeps her eyes forward, a flash of luxurious hotels in mind, the wheels of her suitcase squeal behind her as she rushes for the taxi.” There are too many em-dashes, and I don’t feel as if all of them are used appropriately. Cutting back on the number of times it’s used would be for the best, or else, it loses its effect.

Hm. I can’t think of any other major complaints. It might be nice to sneak in more foreshadowing, considering the ending. Painting Margaret as innocent was a nice touch, but that should be introduced a bit earlier on to really exaggerate the irony of the situation. Maybe even showing the cab driver as a sort of brute criminal might be funny, too. Again with the em-dashes. I’d prefer dialogue to be written out, but it doesn’t look too bad this way.

It ends on a really good note, though. Hm… I guess that’s all there is to say, then. Adding more description never hurt anyone. I think I just about wrote all my thoughts for this piece. If the summary intrigued you in any way, I suggest checking the story out for yourself. It’s not a long read either. It’s fairly short, but still worth giving it a shot. Thanks for reading this review, and have a great day/night. Until next time, good luck!~


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