Written on August 16, 2015

Complete (noun): “finish making or doing”

It’s the last day… I guess it’s time to end this book. But first, let’s take a step back. I have one last topic to discuss and that is “endings”. It seems only fitting that I discuss this as a conclusion to this book. It’ll bring everything full-circle. (I’m also glad this is part 50, too. Such a nice number…)

When something comes to an end, I always feel a bit emptier without it. For example, anime. I like binge watching it yet when I finish it, I feel a bit sad. Ah, the sorrows of binge watching. You want to know what happens next, but you don’t want to rush it. It’s quite the dilemma. Same with writing or reading. But I guess endings are okay since you’ll move onto another beautiful thing… until it eventually ends too.

And now this is taking a sad turn, so I’ll stop it here, then. Have a safe journey and good luck out there!~



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