Dear One and Two,

Written on August 20, 2015

(Blegh. Long title, I know. I just can’t remember their names. I changed the title. Former title was: “Dear those-two-girls-in-2nd-grade-who-gave-me-a-tour-of-the-school,”)

Thank you for showing me around. I really appreciate it. Yet I wish we could have been friends. You two seemed so friendly and so nice. Why didn’t you try harder to be my friend? Why did you have to leave me behind like that?

*sigh* I wonder how my life would be if things were different back then… maybe I’d be more social. Maybe I wouldn’t be as good a writer as I am now. I guess I owe it to you for teaching me sadness. Pain. True misery. Without these, I wouldn’t be the person I am today… but is it really worth it to be me? Would I have been happier being a different me? But time has already passed and all I’m left with are questions…



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