Dear High School,

Written on August 20, 2015

I don’t know what drives people to take pictures of others in the locker room. Please stop them.

I don’t know why people love to threaten to punch others. I did nothing wrong.

I don’t know why I had to get an unused pad stuck to my hair. Again, I did nothing wrong.

Why the fake facebook, too? I’m not a lesbian. It hurt to see all my classmates friends with it, too…

I lost my friends. Again. This time, I had to change schools.

I was friendless most of 10th grade. I wandered. I found a friend near the end but she had to move.

I was friendless again in 11th but then found a friend. She’s okay. We mostly talk about school, though, and never hang out after school. Then again, my other friends and I never did that.

I wonder if I’ll be friendless in my last year, too. It’s only fitting.

I hate you, high school.

You taught me a lot.

About the world.


But most importantly, you taught me pain.


And regret.

I hope my shitty adult life starts soon.

I hate being a teen…



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