Whispers of Spilt Blood by WoodNymphWarrior

Name: Whispers of Spilt Blood

Author: WoodNymphWarrior

Genre: YA, Action, Mystery/Thriller


“In the end, death waits for no one.”

When Reagan Ortega’s brother is accused of killing an innocent man, Reagan knows something is wrong. Her dependable brother, Rick, a murderer? Impossible. Yet all evidence points to the contrary, and to a possible death penalty.

Determined to prove his innocence, Reagan soon finds that there may be more at stake than Rick’s life. As she begins to uncover dangerous secrets, she finds that some people will do whatever it takes to keep the truth buried. A truth that may reveal the death penalty to be more than an ending.

With suspicions of government corruption, shady cops watching her every move, and questionable alliances with wanted criminals, Reagan may just be buried along with the truth.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/34443311-whispers-of-spilt-blood


Prologue. Right off the bat, the chapter starts with action. This is a lovely contrast from all the other books on Wattpad that seem to stuff their first chapter with way too much info-dropping. I love how authors are able to create entire worlds, but sometimes, they get so caught up in that world that they just drone and on about it in the first chapter. I generally lose interest, and I exit out of the book right away if I sense too much info-dropping.

Moving on, then, before this gets too off-topic. I enjoy the little touches, such as how the size of each paragraph tends to vary. For example, by isolating “A life for a life.”, the sentence stands out more, and it has a greater impact on the reader. But this story is not without fault. A few of the sentences run on a bit too long for my taste. (Example: “Entering the run down warehouse, the man is immediately dumped in a cold, hard chair and within moments, all is silent other than the occasional rumble of thunder as the shackled man is left alone.”) The emotion is very strong in this part, though, and I like how mysterious the tone sounds. It makes me want to read more in order to find out what’s going on. Hm. This part confused me. (“the man’s unique accent”) I’m not really seeing much of an accent there. The ending to this part was absolutely amazing. Time for the next part.

Chapter One. I like the start of this. It hooks my attention. I found a part that was a bit redundant, though, or maybe it’s just me. (“It’s come with an urge to grasp onto irrational thoughts. Thoughts, hopes, that the scene in front of you has to be a dream.”) Having the same word twice in a row, or even twice in the same paragraph throws me off from my suspension of disbelief. I am detached from the story, and it takes a while for me to dive back into it. (“For how can everything have been so normal a mere few hours ago. Only to fall in pieces in a matter of seconds.”) Something about these two sentences feels ‘off’ to me. Maybe it’s the lack of question marks. Maybe I’m just confusing myself. The popcorn bit was great for comic relief. Their relationship seems natural, so that’s a plus. Normally, I’m all for getting the conflict rolling right away, but their interaction seems so natural for the first chapter. It’s lulling the reader into a sense of calm before, what I’m guessing, something big happens. I loved the ending to this chapter. I’m not going to spoil in case anyone reading this review plans to read the book, too. And on that note, I think I’ll cut it off right here. As always, thanks for reading this review, and have a great day/night. Until next time, good luck!~


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