What types of people should you keep away from in life?

Answer by Nurjean Chaneco:

10 people to keep away from your life

Think of your life as a bucket filled with life’s blessings called water. Now, think of these types of people who will poke holes in your bucket of water.

  1. Gossips. Watch out for those type who deliberately tear other people down.  One day, they will tear you down too.
  2. The whiner who doesn’t do anything. Whining is normal, yet contagious. Whining without action just pokes holes in your bucket.
  3. The ones who count your mistakes and wipe it on your face when you wrong them. I want you to run away as far as you can. Wiping the past in front of your face is a method of guilt-tripping you. Guilt-trippers won’t and will never stop poking holes in your bucket.
  4. People who belittle and make fun of you. Jokes are half-meant. It’s a socially acceptable way of saying, “I want to stab and hurt you; I’m not responsible if you bleed and die”. Some jokes are okay. Some jokes are not. Learn to distinguish jokes that aren’t.
  5. Emotional Blackmailers. Blackmail is a sign of immaturity. It’s a sign of unreliability. It’s a sign of being untrustworthy. You don’t deserve to be treated like cr*p.
  6. The Promiser who never delivers. Corollary to number 5, you don’t need to be treated like cr*p. You are not meant to be stood up.
  7. Those who borrow money from you but don’t repay,when you both know they could. You are not a leech’s happy meal to suck upon. You worked hard for your money. You exchanged your life energy for a tool of value. You don’t need to be treated like cr*p.
  8. People who don’t value what you value, and force you to abandon it. Different people have different values. That’s a fact. It’s another story when they shove their values down your throat. That’s disrespect.
  9. People who deliberately put you in danger. You are not a sacrificial lamb to be slaughtered for their comfort and security.
  10. People who approach you ONLY when they need something and forget you once it’s done. We are not vending machines. We are humans.

Some people unintentionally poke holes in your bucket, in the same way you unintentionally poke holes in others too.

If you cannot keep them away from you, the least you can do is to limit your contact with them.

….and don’t forget to cover the poked holes.

Source: What types of people should you keep away from in life?


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