The Exodus [Tales from Gaia 148: Book One] by damagedspoon

Name: The Exodus [Tales from Gaia 148: Book One]

Author: Caitlin Kline

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy


Civil unrest threatens the people of Gaia 148 as a country that Kyra thought was only a myth reveals itself to the world.

Kyra is perfectly happy with her life: surrounded by loving friends and family in her village, though she longs for the thrill of adventure before she’s ready to settle down. What she doesn’t realize is that she is part of something bigger.

Forced to leave her home after tragedy strikes, Kyra will uncover shocking secrets, better left buried, that draw her into a world of science, lies, political intrigue, and civil war.



Prologue. Interesting usage of a quote at the beginning. I wonder if it will match the part itself. (“with their own patients, their own set of problems”) Personally, I’d add the word “and” before the second “their”. The sentence feels a bit off without it. And yes, I know, I’m being that critic by nitpicking grammar, but my reviewing style consists of writing out my thoughts while reading. That was just one of them. The dialogue sounds believable, and it makes me wonder what exactly is going on. (The doctors turned the corner, their footsteps melding…”) I’d change the comma to a semicolon and then “melding” to “melded”. (“blanket securely around it’s body”) Wrong form of its/it’s. It should be the former to indicate possession. The ending of the prologue is very mysterious. I like it.

Chapter One. I like how you balance out all the “info-dropping” by having a central focus. It’s not as bad as when fantasy writers go all out to describe the fantastical new world that they have created. I know how passionate authors can be about their world, but it’s counterproductive as it turns readers off from actually reading the story. We want to be in the moment as the action is happening, not passively hearing about previous battles and conflicts. Anyways, moving on with this review before I get more sidetracked. Okay. So, does the relationship between the MC and Gable need to be touched upon? I think it’s best to stick to the main focus, and not get sidetracked as I did earlier in this review. The reader will get confused if you throw too much at them at once. The included conversations add a nice flavor of activism to the story. We’re not just passively listening anymore. We’re watching action happen. Throw more of those into here, and this’ll be a solid start. (“On the morning of the her 17th Nameday”) I’m sure the word “the” is not supposed to be there. I like Kyra’s personality, especially in the bit where she claims she’ll skin Gable. The ceremony seems well-described. It sounds accurate, too, to my knowledge. I like the ending of this chapter. It’s very ominous and mysterious.

Chapter Two. At first, I was confused then I look at the chapter title, which made me look back at the book’s summary and now I know what’s going on. It’s a new POV! Back to reading, then. Right away, we’re thrown into conflict. Not much background, but I prefer it this way. Okay. Consider myself corrected. There is some background, but it doesn’t really make me lose interest, so that’s a plus. Good imagery with Marina lying down on the rock. I can imagine it easily in my mind. I like the mention of a “shadow”. It’s a good use of foreshadowing, and it slowly builds up tension, and the feeling that something bad will happen. Awesome ending line. It grips my attention, and makes me fear for Marina. I think I’ll halt my review right here. As always, thanks for reading this review, and have a great day/night. Until next time, good luck!~


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