What do intelligent people do with their phones?

Answer by Milena Rangelov:

Here are a few ideas:

  1. They turn the phone off and put it away during the night. They don’t sleep with the phone and they don’t scroll the Twitter feed at 3 a. m. Sleep is the priority of smart people.
  2. They turn off the notifications while they work. Because the focus is the essential component of the productive work.
  3. They put it away when they talk to someone. They are fully present and devoted to the person in front of them.
  4. They uninstall the apps they don’t use. Cluttered phone (or home) creates cluttered mind.
  5. They take photos. They capture the moments and memories. But they don’t look into the world through the camera.
  6. They listen to podcasts and audio books on the go. That is the best usage of the time spent in commute.
  7. They put the phone in the case to protect it. (And don’t ask me: “How do you know that?”)
  8. They call their mom.
  9. They answer the voice messages. (Or don’t install them in the first place.)
  10. They don’t switch it for the new model just because the new model came out. They use it as much as they can.

In short, the intelligent people own their phone; they don’t let their phone own them.

Source: What do intelligent people do with their phones?


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