What was something that someone did that made you think they were really smart?

Answer by Hailey Park:

Well, I remember when I was in kindergarten (I still remember that because I’m still young, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget this), and I was just about 5 years old, as most of my classmates were, a girl named, let’s say, Tiffany, accidentally dropped her metal hair clip (with no fabric covering) that looked like this…

…inside the playset through a hole while waiting to go on the slide. It was much more decorated than those clips above though, and she was very upset over losing it. While watching, I noticed another girl, a friend of Tiffany (let’s say her name was Katie), was frowning a little as she stared down the dark hole, while all her other friends were busy comforting Tiffany, who looked like she was about to break down.

The next day, Katie came back with an excited expression on her face, and as soon as we were let out for a quick break between classes, she took Tiffany’s hand and ran to the same set, and checked that the metal clip was still there. Grinning widely, she pulled out a stick with a string attached to it with a magnet attached to the end. Katie had really thin arms, so she easily managed to slip her arm through the hole (which was quite wide – not wide enough for children to fall through, but wide enough for a stick, a really thin arm, and a hair clip to fall through). With a concentrated look, she swung her arm around for a bit while Tiffany was watching, and her face lit up when she (I assume) heard the tell-tale “click” that the clip was attached to the magnet. She slowly reeled the string up, and gave Tiffany her clip back with a proud look. I thought she was pretty smart for a 5-year-old.

Source: What was something that someone did that made you think they were really smart?


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