Happiness: Does anybody actually enjoy life?

Answer by Carrie Rukavina:

This helped me…

I Found this little ditty on Quora:

In 200 years we will all be dead. Very, very few of us will be remembered for the remaining majority, it will be as if we did not exist. No one will think about you, no one will remember you, no one will care about your existence. It will be as if you never existed.

So see, life is not so serious after all. Looking at life that way and all the systems we have in place today, the way in which we live life today is comical. Imagine fishes going to high school, college, and med school, and working little fish corporate jobs and all other things humans before us have created which we live by today. This would be HILARIOUS. “What are they doing all these things for?”, we’d ask. They are fishes! They are these little unimportant delicious things! And that is how the human race seems in the grand scheme of things.

In conclusion, if none of the systems (educational system, professional system, etc.) we have in place today did not exist, if all you knew was that you are born and you will die, and in between your death and birth you had time; what would you do with this time?

Source: Happiness: Does anybody actually enjoy life?


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