#OnceUponNow Contest

So, hello there. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here.

I’m so, so sorry for my inactivity but after a while of trying to post daily, I got sick of it.

It started to feel like a chore honestly, and I wanted my freedom back.

Anyways, I’m here because I need your help. On Wattpad, Target is hosting a contest where you have to write a short story (4k to 9k words) set in modern times that alludes to a fairy tale. Based on how many votes each entry gets during the voting period (June 14th to June 21st), Target will pick the top 25 and move them onto stage one.

Please go read Wanderlust, and vote if you enjoyed it! Click here for the link. (Wanderlust alludes to Jack & the Beanstalk.)

Thanks, darlings. I appreciate it so much.


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