My Brother Sam is Dead

So, I’m cleaning out my paperwork and I found something rather…. interesting.

I’ll let you guys read it below. Enjoy. Haha.

My Brother Sam is Dead Negative Critic Review

If you saw this film, you may want to go and get your refund. The acting of Kevin James as Tim was like watching a pig trying to act. In the book, Tim is calm, religious, and always listens to his parents but during the movie, Kevin was like a hyper uncontrollable kid. He did not make me believe that Tim was conflicted between his brother and father. This movie may have taken a year to make but in order to make this movie good, it would take 4 years to control Kevin enough to make a decent film. The plot was as bad as if a class of 2nd grades wrote it at 2 in the morning. The acting of Katy Perry as Betsy may have saved the film if she was a bigger part of the plot. Katy’s acting was spot on; she said all her lines with full emotion that you would believe that she was Betsy. (160)

The film depicted Sam as an ordinary teen who didn’t listen to his father or play by the rules. A better fit for Sam would’ve been Leonardo DiCaprio but instead the crew was joined by George Clooney as Sam. George Clooney made Sam seem like a wild child who does crazy stuff for no particular reason but in the book, Sam did the stuff he did for the cause he believed in and wouldn’t stop at anything to free the colonists from the British. George Clooney should stay as far away from this movie as possible for it to be watchable. These are the reasons why I would give this movie */****.

(I think I wrote this back in elementary school. The page looks so old… o.o)


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