My Novels

Lumi’s Note: To read any of the books, simply click its title.

  1. Behind the Screen is a romance about how dangerous love over the internet can be.
  2. Bitter is a mystery/thriller about the concept of revenge, and how chasing it will cause more problems than it actually will fix.
  3. Disillusioned Hope is a mystery/thriller about the notion of hope, and how dangerous it can be if used for the wrong reasons.
  4. Flynn Morris: Space Explorer is a science-fiction about exploring space.
  5. Lifeless is a science-fiction about a world where clones exist.
  6. Nightmare is a short story about insomnia and two teenagers who meet each other at the park night after night.
  7. Poison is a short story about what would happen if a book could actually talk to the reader.
  8. Tainted is a short story about the effects of social media on young people, and how harmful it can be to stay online for too long.
  9. Tales of a Dying Soul is a non-fiction piece filled to the brim with my feelings and opinions on various topics from loneliness to travel, and just about everything in between.
  10. Wanderlust is an adventure retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk written for a contest held by the Target Wattpad profile.